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St. Mary of the Angels, Church Street, Dublin. Courtesy of the Franciscan Archives.

Founded in 1980, the Association aims to promote the care, preservation and use of church archival collections in Ireland. We host workshops, seminars and visits to archives throughout the year.

The ACAI is concerned with the records and archives of the Christian Churches in Ireland and the Congregations and Societies associated with them. If you are interested in becoming a member, please write to us in the contact form, or send us an e-mail at acaireland@gmail.com.

Keep up to date with our activities on our Events page or via our Twitter account. Previous issues of our newsletter have been digitised and indexed and are available in our Newsletter section.

Information on Religious Archives in Ireland can be found in our Archives Directory.

Help and advice for archivists and researchers can be found in our Resources section.

For more information about the Association visit our About the ACAI section.