Franciscan Library, Killiney

Enquiries to: The Librarian
Access: By appointment

Description of collections:

  • Irish Franciscan manuscripts (17th – 20th century). Including papers relating to Irish Franciscan houses in Ireland and in Europe, and collections such as the Wadding papers (‘D’ MSS)
  • Irish historical manuscripts (17th – 20th century) such as the Hayes papers on the Veto question.
  • Franciscan historical and theological papers (12th – 20th century) (‘B’ MSS)
  • The custody of the collection of Gaelic manuscripts designated ‘A’ MSS formerly housed in the FLK, including the ‘Psalter of St. Caimin’, Liber Hymnorum, Martyrology of Tallaght (Book of Leinster) and Annals of the Four Masters, the ‘B’ MSS and the ‘D’ MSS have been transferred to University College Dublin Archives under the terms of a partnership agreement between the OFM and UCD.


Address: Dún Mhuire, Seafield Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin.
Telephone: (01) 2826760